+ Mission
Caring for people as family.
+ Why we get up in the morning?
Because people are awesome and amazing! We can’t wait to join forces with you to make the world a better place. We love empowering your mission with our cool solutions and seeing "you" and "us" become a successful "we" that does great things.
Because we love caring for people as family. Who are these "people"?
PROVIDERS:   If the parents or siblings in a home aren’t happy, you can feel that negative energy in the air and no one is happy! Our goal is to increase the efficiency of the whole team so that providers are happy doing what they love to do…take care of patients…without being encumbered by non-meaningful data entry. The SuiteRomeo forms solution is designed on muscle-memory techniques where speed improves rapidly and brain energy associated with charting drops quickly. The goal is to get providers and staff to lunch and home on time while capturing the necessary clinical data to make their notes great and reporting measures met without afterhours charting. When providers are smiling and working smarter, not harder, their patients, staff, partners, families, friends will appreciate the difference!
PATIENTS:   4 out 5 research studies show that patients do not like providers who are grumpy and stressed about being underpaid and overly regulated. They want providers who can answer all of the questions without having to open and close document encounters and flip through long lists of documents to find the answer to their questions like "By the way, am I due for a colonoscopy?", "How was my MRI?", or "What was my last cholesterol?" And they love providers whose noses are not buried in their computer documenting. Patients want their providers’ attention and they certainly don’t want to compete with an EMR.
PAYERS:   Payers are people too, but they increasingly need detailed reporting to release funds for clinical services. SuiteRomeo is a life saver in that it standardizes clinical data entry and storage. Reporting data is captured in a standard, granular way across a healthcare enterprise to make managing data easier.
+ Our Story
Sorry this is long! But it’s good and worth a read. We believe "why" a product is made is as important as the product itself.
In 2004, the physicians of Romeo Medical Clinic were exasperated with their EMR as it functioned like a glorified word processor. It stored clinical data in a whole-note, non-useable format for data analysis or reporting. How are we going to provide innovative care for today and tomorrow with that?
So we began a detailed search for an EHR built for the future. We chose GE’s Centricity because of its emphasis on storing clinical content in granular detail, which we felt was the future of EMR’s. While we loved the granular data storage design for future, we would still leave the office late at night with charts on our virtual desktops and this decreased our productivity. The problem was that the clinical interface for the providers was not designed the way clinicians think and work and clinical content customization was WAY too limited.
In 2005, we did what many practices have done on the platform and hired a consultant to build us forms that were "right for us". After a year and much expense, we learned we chose the wrong consultant and were delivered forms that looked a lot like freeware available at the time.
We went back to the drawing board and did some soul-searching in 2007. We had a long career ahead of us and were inspired by (and a bit jealous) of the smiling 16 year-old espresso baristas entering complex drink orders in their digital cash registers without losing eye contact. We knew that if we structured the data entry in ways that our physicians’ minds worked, we could mirror the efficiency of the 16 year old barista. And we heard about an amazing group that we hoped would be crazy enough to help us build it – Logical Innovations.
So we cajoled them into helping us create something that other consultants had told us could not be done: A comprehensive form suite that with rigid-flexiblity to make every form look and function in the same way. It needed to offer unlimited depth of clinical content & integrated orders in a tappable way because hardware would someday allows us to have touchscreen capability (like our barista friend). We wanted our practice to ROCK!
This little one year project, unfortunately took 5 years to complete the first version, but it was awesome! It transformed our practice and we were suddenly going to lunch on time and heroes for making it home for dinner with time to spare. Medicine became fun again! We were able to undertake other tasks like becoming a nationally accredited Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) in 2009 and continue with the care innovations we all dreamed of doing. At the Spring 2013 CHUG conference in Washington DC, we gave a presentation on how we became a PCMH and the forms we created that helped us get there. The response was OVERWHELMINGLY positive but curiously had very little to do with our talk…everyone was asking us about the screen shots of our encounter forms that they saw on our slides. We quickly realized that we had not been the only providers miserable with the user interface and spent the rest of the conference with a small laptop showing providers, programmers, administrators, and even GE engineers what we had come up with. Based on their collective feedback, we decided to turn our form suite which was originally designed for just our multispecialty practice into a commercial product called SuiteRomeo. By commercializing the product, we would be able to continue to push development of add-on functionality and join forces with other provider groups seeking better solutions.
Thanks for reading and we look forward to working with you to make the world a better place for patients, providers, programmers, payers, and all other healthcare professionals!