+ Comprehensive Form Solution
SuiteRomeo simplifies life for your entire team on GE’s Centricity Practice Solution platform. We believe in working smarter, not harder, to increase reimbursement, improve efficiency and teamwork, meet reporting requirements, and decrease the overall stress of your organization. Smile, join us, and go home happy  .
+ How is SuiteRomeo different than other encounter form solutions?
SuiteRomeo is built by physicians that use it daily in practice and their amazing staff of nurses, MAs, billers, authorization coordinators, senior analysts, and a host of other highly experienced jack-of-all-trades. Your needs are our needs. This is what gives us the incentive to continue to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. We want to be home by 5 pm, maximize reimbursement, deliver awesome patient care, and report on all the necessary requirements for reimbursement (such as Meaningful Use), all while practicing great medicine. We continue to develop and integrate solutions to the form suite which are all included in the annual licensing cost.
We have a long list to choose from but a few examples include:
Results Manager (2012):   What do you do with all the non-interfaced patient data that you want in apatient’s chart like outside labs, radiology reports, consult reports, etc? The results manager allows you to easily enter this data into obs terms and import them right into the SuiteRomeo chart note while the clinical update is open and the patient is being seen. This eliminates providers scrolling through long lists of scanned data outside an update. This brought a huge ROI for our clinical practice and will benefit you as well.
Care Coordinator Module (2013):   The increasing recognition by payers (including CMS) for care coordination in PCMH and ACO models makes it essential to manage needed clinical services for patients (both prevention and disease treatment protocols) outside of provider’s update and provide a place within a provider’s update to see and manage the same recommendations and orders. So we built that. Using the provider SnapShot on the first page of a SuiteRomeo update, the provider sees exactly what the Care Coordinator recommends after a chart review and can seamlessly Order or complete necessary recommendations at the start of a visit without having to review the entire chart or last clinical update.
SuiteRomeo Online Clinical Content Editors (2014):   Using the rigid flexibility of SuiteRomeo’s standardized data entry structure, clinical content is now editable using secure online editors. This allows browsing and selection of already built custom clinical content by current SuiteRomeo users or editing of your current content. Edits can be done at the level of location of care, specialty, and even specific user to easily create custom solutions without programming!
+ Design Principles: FITS your practice
FAST  - Get home on time.
SuiteRomeo speeds up your charting process through a low mental effort, tapable system flexible for any specialty. The structured, but simple, data input interface was inspired by espresso baristas smiling while taking our complex coffee orders (and not having lots of undone coffee orders to chart at the end of their day).
INTUITIVE  - If you can use a smartphone, you can use SuiteRomeo.
Our intuitive left to right menu data entry system where every form looks and functions the same way makes entering HPI’s, Orders, Referrals, Assessment and Plan, etc. a seemless experience. The forms are designed to match best practice efficient work flows and built by practicing physicians who still love practicing medicine.
THOROUGH  - It’s all in there!
The era of BIG DATA is upon us! The need to be able to meet the ever changing reporting requirements by third parties such as payers, regulators, and others requires our solution to be thorough and scalable. Our forms are structured to capture Meaningful Use data during clinical visits but in efficient ways. Charges are captured and auto-posted, procedures can be documented easily, functional office visit summaries are created, and an ever growing list of clinical optimization tools such as the patient instruction/counseling documentor, Care Coordinator module, Results Manager, Centricity Flowsheets, SuiteRomeo Flowsheet, and much more are all included). Our Care Coordinator Module provides a tool to manage clinical measures and even integrates these into provider note at start of visit using our Snapshot feature. We have so much more that it gets a little ridiculous talking about it because you won’t believe it until see it in action. Be forewarned, it will blow your socks off.
STANDARDIZED  – Because garbage data in = garbage out.
Standardizing the data entry input through a rigid navigation structure, allows us to capture incredibly meaningful and valuable data for reporting and population health management. We also provide clinical content editors for every form (HPI, PMHx, etc) which gives incredible flexibility and capacity for rapidly creating customized clinical content within the standard structure to meet your provider and specialty needs. Did we mention that we are now converting those editors to online editors to make clinical content editing even faster?
The standardized data and layout of SuiteRomeo also makes it possible to develop muscle memory which is an essential component of completing notes FAST! Remember putting your fingers on a keyboard for the first time? Remember searching for letters and using the index-finger-only approach to typing? Over time, our brains and fingers began to learn where all the letters were and then typing fast became a possibility! That’s similar to how our forms work and they allow you to get faster and faster with note completion.